2015-12-30 Happy New Year

The New Year’s bell is about to ring, and 2015 is slipping away. At the beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, we wish all of you a happy new year, and kindful greetings!
The year of 2015 is usual and common. Chinese users can’t visit facebook and twitter yet, human beings still live on earth, Skynet hasn’t got self-awareness, there are 24 hours a day, the globe rotates as before, no one can build colony out of the solar system. The year of 2015 is also unusual and uncommon. Economic depression, global warming, haze invades everywhere, dozens of disasters which has taken too many of lives away… always make we sad.
In this usual and uncommon year, we lament the lost lives, we fight for our future, we inherit the ancestors’ will, we go on with our firm step.
It’s hard to live, we all have to conquer many problems and continue with payloads. We promise as long as we can afford to pay the server, we will be here forever. We try our best to present you a better city, provide you a free digital platform for everyone to stay connected.
Let’s walk gently into 2016, share more incredible resources and have more fun. Thanks for your support.

2016 年的钟声即将敲响,在这 2015 渐行渐远之际,我们在此向广大市民致以新年的祝福和亲切的问候!
2015 年,是多么平凡的一年。国人仍打不开脸书推特,人类依然生活在地球上,天网尚未拥有自主意识,一天仍然是 24 小时,地球照旧自转和公转,大家也还没能到太阳系外建立殖民地。2015 年,是多么不平凡的一年。经济尚未起飞便软着陆,各行业呈现低迷态势,气候变暖,雾霾封城,各处天灾人祸,无数悲剧令人不胜唏嘘。
感谢每一位市民的支持与厚爱,让我们共同揭开 2016 的画卷,书写美好而动人的新篇章。



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